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Waiting on Wednesday - 6.1.16

Waiting on Wednesday
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I'm waiting for...

Modern Lovers
by Emma Straub
-Humor, Contemporary
Just released: May 31, 2016
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Friends and former college bandmates Elizabeth and Andrew and Zoe have watched one another marry, buy real estate, and start businesses and families, all while trying to hold on to the identities of their youth. But nothing ages them like having to suddenly pass the torch (of sexuality, independence, and the ineffable alchemy of cool) to their own offspring.

Back in the band's heyday, Elizabeth put on a snarl over her Midwestern smile, Andrew let his unwashed hair grow past his chin, and Zoe was the lesbian all the straight women wanted to sleep with. Now nearing fifty, they all live within shouting distance in the same neighborhood deep in gentrified Brooklyn, and the trappings of the adult world seem to have arrived with ease. But the summer that their children reach maturity (and start sleeping together), the fabric of the adult lives suddenly begins to unravel, and the secrets and revelations that are finally let loose—about themselves, and about the famous fourth band member who soared and fell without them—can never be reclaimed.

Straub packs wisdom and insight and humor together in a satisfying book about neighbors and nosiness, ambition and pleasure, the excitement of youth, the shock of middle age, and the fact that our passions—be they food, or friendship, or music—never go away, they just evolve and grow along with us.

=====> I really liked her novel, The Vactioners, and want to see how this one turns out.

Excerpt of interview with author about the cover on Entertainment Weekly:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What excites you about this cover? How does it capture your story?

EMMA STRAUB: I think what I like most about the cover is that it conveys movement, and action, and all the frenetic possibility of sidewalk life. This book is about all the daily drama of the human experience, of what happens when you’re knocked slightly off your axis but still in your own walls and routines, still bumping into your neighbors, still doing your thing. I think that’s universal – like how my husband just went to the pharmacy to get medicine for our vomiting 2 year old and avoided a friend of mine from high school, because sometimes you just can’t deal, you know? The beautiful and terrible thing about New York City is living your life in shared spaces, and I think Leah’s cover really captures that, but in an attractive way that makes you want to pick the book up and fondle it a bit.

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  1. This book is new to me, but it sounds interesting. I hope you enjoy reading it.
    My WoW

  2. This isn't my usual type of read but for some reason, the synopsis really draws me in. Sounds like a good summer read so I may see if my library is getting it so I can get put on the hold list.

  3. This book is new to me! Thanks for sharing!


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