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The Big Interview by Libby Kirsch

The Big Interview
by Libby Kirsch

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Just released: March 31, 2016
Publisher: Sunnyside Press
Genre: Chick-lit, Humor, Mystery
Rating: 5

A Stella Reynolds Mystery series:
The Big Lead
The Big Interview
The Big Overnight - release date: November 2016

First sentence(s):
"Stella Reynolds. Hmm. You know it's weird, I thought that we were replacing our ugly reporter, but you're actually kind of pretty. Let's see… The young, fit, oddly smiley man shuffled things around on his messy, mahogany desk.

Stella's Saga Continues!

The perfect book for fans of the laugh-out-loud lines in Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series combined with the who-done-it page turning style of a Sue Grafton mystery.

TV reporter Stella Reynolds signs with a new station, excited to move to a bigger city for a better job. When she arrives in Bristol, Virginia, though, she finds a sexist, mean boss, unfriendly coworkers, and a town in love with a sport she’s never even watched—NASCAR!

Before she can unpack her bags, Stella is drawn into an investigation when a driver is killed in a fiery wreck on the track. Experts call his death a tragedy, but Stella has insider information that the accident is anything but. With a slippery ex-fiancee, an angry father, and a nosy neighbor, you’ll be laughing on one page and gasping on the next. If all goes according to plan, the facts will be revealed during an epic live Big Interview. But when does anything ever go according to plan?

The Big Interview is a standalone book in the Stella Reynolds Mystery Series. If you like a great mystery peppered with laugh out loud moments and cringe-worthy catastrophes, Libby Kirsch's The Big Interview is for you. Buy Libby Kirsch's book today, and see how the final big interview goes down when the cameras go live.

My two-bits:

Grabbed me at the go!

The story starts out with a death. But before the death the character is built up to be so likable/lovable that it is a shock when it happens. Similar to that feeling when watching Game of Thrones and a favorite character gets off-ed.

But first let me say, I jumped into this book without reading book one and was thoroughly taken with the characters. I plan to take advantage of the free download of book one (here) available during the book tour.

This book is very entertaining with a tasty chex mix of humor (kept me chuckling), mystery (remained so until the end) and a touch of romance (for more than one couple). It will take you on a fun adventure into the world of race car driving and the TV coverage that support it.

The side character, Janet, is a hoot! She is one of those strong live-out-loud characters. She is also a partner in Stella's sleuthing and I hope continues to make her way into future books in this series.

Side note: Makes me want to watch Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (imdb) starring Will Ferrell.

About the author:
Libby Kirsch is an Emmy award winning journalist, with over ten years experience working in TV newsrooms of all sizes.

She draws on her rich history of making embarrassing mistakes on live TV, and is happy to finally indulge her creative writing side, instead of always having to stick to the facts.

Libby lives with her husband, children and soon (don't tell the kids yet!) a puppy in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She doesn't know what she was thinking.


The Big Lead:
A Stella Reynolds Mystery, Book 1
by Libby Kirsch
kindle version is FREE during book tour (here) | Goodreads

The Big Lead was chosen for a Publishers Weekly review (here)

Novice reporter Stella Reynolds, the endearingly human heroine of Kirsh’s fiction debut, finds her first job in the TV industry with the Fox affiliate in sleepy Bozeman, Mont. Stella’s appreciative of the opportunity, but she can’t help having second thoughts when she learns how small the staff and resources of her station are. Stella’s first achievement of significance is interviewing river guide Bill James following his arrest for burglarizing a house and trying on the owner’s underwear. After learning that James has an alibi, Stella manages to get the sheriff to agree to dismiss the charges, but that proves to be just a temporary victory when James becomes the prime suspect in the stabbing murders of the burglary victim and her mother. The truth, Stella suspects, is much more complex, and she holds nothing back in pursuing it. The author does a good job of eliciting sympathy for Stella by depicting her embarrassing stumbles on her first days. (BookLife)


* review copy courtesy of book tour sponsored by HCL Book Tours and Author Services

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