Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Jane Austen!

Happy Birthday (December 16, 1775)
to the wonderful Jane Austen!

In honor of your 240th birthday, I will read one of your novel's this month...

by Jane Austen
edited by Robert Morrison
-annotated version
Amazon | Goodreads

CONSIDER for your shelves and grab some colored pencils...

Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice Colouring & Activity Book:
Featuring Illustrations from 1895
(Jane Austen's Colouring And Activity Books)
by Eva Marie Hamilton
just released: November 26, 2015
Amazon | Goodreads

Let Historical Romance Author, Eva Maria Hamilton, take you back to the world of Jane Austen. Immerse yourself in colouring illustrations from the 1895 edition of Pride And Prejudice. Enjoy activities, such as Matching Characters to Quotes, Search Words, Anagrams, and more. Have fun in the Regency Era!

LISTEN to Songs from Jane Austen's England (here)


* image source (here)

* listening link source is from Allison Larkin who has released the 200th Anniversary audiobook edition of Emma (here)

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