Wednesday, September 11, 2013

100 Ghosts: A Gallery of Harmless Haunts by Doogie Horner

100 Ghosts:
A Gallery of Harmless Haunts
by Doogie Horner

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Just released: yesterday! September 10, 2013
Publisher: Quirk Books
Genre: Art, Comedy, Ghosts
Hardback: 208 pages
Rating: 5

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Cut two eyeholes into a bedsheet and BOO!

You’ve got yourself a classic Halloween icon. But what happens if you tie the bedsheet in knots?

What happens when you set it on fire, hang it from a clothesline, or put a llama underneath it?

100 Ghosts is a brilliantly simple artistic exploration of an icon as familiar as a grinning jack-o-lantern or an arched black cat.

It’s a delightful gift for adults, kids, and anyone who enjoys spooky design.

My two-bits:
ghosts galore
Little (4.50" x 6.14") gem of a book with pages and pages of cute illustrations of themed ghosts to flip through. This is a fun one to have on the coffee table especially during the Halloween season.

May favorite ghost from the collection...

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