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Playing Tyler by T.L. Costa

Playing Tyler
by T.L. Costa

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Just released: July 2013
Publisher: Strange Chemistry
Genre: Thriller, YA
Paperback: 304 pages
Rating: 4

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Ani is a geek girl, a legendary gamer and a 16-year-old Yale computer programming prodigy—basically she’s an outcast in her own right.

17-year-old Tyler can’t focus, even when he takes his ADHD medication. Tyler’s dad is dead, his mom has mentally checked out and his brother is in rehab again.

Just when it seems Tyler’s life is on a collision course with a life sentence at McDonald’s, an exciting opportunity to test a flight simulator designed by Ani makes Tyler think his life might be turning around.

Together, Tyler and Ani team up and discover that the simulator is being used for darker purposes than either originally realized.

This is a fast-paced YA thrill ride about teen love, deception and answers the question, when is a game not a game?

Zombie sighting:
Three months ago I would have rather chewed off my own leg rather than miss the release of Zombie Ninja Dojo 2, but now, well, I don't care.
-chapter 23, page 201

My two-bits:
This riveting story presents elements of geeks, games and moral issues. Kept me guessing through the end.

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