Thursday, January 12, 2012

Alice and Boogie Shoes

Upon the arrival of our Alice in Boogie Wonderland, the sounds of music surround her.

Her toe begins to tap.

Her fingers snap.

A faery flutters by and presents her with...

I Want To Put On
My My My My My
Boogie Shoes

-Boogie Shoes by KC and The Sunshine Band

As our Alice dons on her boogie shoes, she spies something shiny...

--~ Craft Giveaway courtesy ~--

The MAD crafter (could be related to the MAD Hatter ???) has been at work and has created a special YA fairy & fantasy related item for one lucky winner.

It could be Y O U !

Open to US only.

Offer ends: January 29, 2012


VISIT fellow book blogger, MAD, and become one of her followers.

Come back here, let me know you did the deed along with your email (if I don't already have it).


Contest has ended - winner is here



* image source fairy shoe, surprise box

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