Thursday, April 2, 2009

V.C. Andrews Quiz results

Here is a fun quiz created by The Chick Manifesto. I'm a Heaven heroine! Take it and see who you are.

Which V.C. Andrews Heroine are You?

My Result: Heaven Casteel
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You're Heaven Casteel! You're a raven haired avid reader who grew up dirt poor with nothing to eat and ended up living in a mansion and falling for a handsome, brooding heir. Sure, there's the whole "you're related" thing, but it's not like you knew that getting into this! You dream of going back to your childhood home and showing them you're not the trash they thought you were.

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  1. hah! That's halarious:) Why do all her book end up in a romantic relationship between siblings? It's creepy yet oddly fascinating. I was so ashamed to read flowers of the attic, but ut did have a good plot!

  2. I think the creepiness is what is the main draw. Also, it is probably what categorizes this in the Horror genre. Because really, there's nothing else really horrific about the story. Or maybe horror for me is more blood and guts and gore.


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