Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Japanese Mystery Readalong Book Club 2021

Japanese Mystery Readalong Book Club
March to December 2021
March: The Black Lizard / Beast in the Shadows
by Edogawa Rampo
translated by Ian Hughes
Mystery, Japan | Published: 2006 (first 1928) | Goodreads | my rating: 4
old school mystery presentation with speculations hashed and re-hashed; what naughty women
April: The Tokyo Zodiac Murders
by Soji Shimada
translated by Ross MacKenzie, Shika MacKenzie
Mystery, Japan | Published: 2015 (first 1981) | Goodreads | my rating: 5
calculated, references to Sherlock Holmes
May: Malice
by Keigo Higashino
translated by Alexander O. Smith
Mystery, Crime, Japan | Published: 2014 | Goodreads | my rating: 5
title says it all, ooo, shiver...
June: Real World
by Natsuo Kirino
translated by Philip Gabriel
Mystery, Horror, Japan | Published: 2008 (first 2003) | Goodreads | my rating: tba
July: The Decagon House Murders
by Yukito Ayatsuji
translated by Ho-Ling Wong
Mystery, Crime, Japan | Published: 2020 (first 1987) | Goodreads | my rating: tba
August: The Inugami Curse
by Seishi Yokomizo
translated by Yumiko Yamazaki
Mystery, Japan | Published: 2020 (first 1972) | Goodreads | my rating: tba
September: A Quiet Place
by Seicho Matsumoto
translated by Louise Heal Kawai
Mystery, Crime, Thriller, Japan | Published: 2016 (first 1971) | Goodreads | my rating: tba


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